CADNLY Modern Indoor Artificial Potted Plant (Green)
  • CADNLY Modern Indoor Artificial Potted Plant (Green)

    • After a long day working, a quick glance at the green plants can change your mood in a minute. Our fake plant in pot is a must have item for living room decor, dining table and office decorations
    • If you love greenery plants, but you can't maintain them due to your busy life, our fake house plants are the answer to your problem. No need to worry about watering your fake indoor plants anymore
    • The CADNLY faux potted plant is so realistic they could easily pass for real plants. This artificial plant can brighten up your dining room table, office desk, kitchen and laundry
    • Measures 16-inch tall with 12 fake leaves and real stones in the cement pot. The size of leaf is 6-inch height x 3.5-inch width approx. 

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