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Pen + Gear Wooden pencils (48)

Pen + Gear Wooden pencils (48)


Show up to class fully prepared for the note-taking journey ahead with our Pen and Gear No. 2 Sharpened Wood Pencils. These pencils feature the iconic yellow wood case design that you grew up with and have come to know with pencils. Each pack comes complete with 48 of these wooden pencils, which provides you or a classroom with plenty of the essentials to get you through the semester. Preparing you for any writing situation, No. 2 pencils are a trustworthy tool for use in school when you're writing an essay, at work when you're documenting meetings, and even for crafting when you need to mark your next moves. Keep them handy come test time to give yourself the best chance for scoring accuracy or use them to further explore your artistic side. Back to school shopping is a simple task when you've got our Pen and Gear No. 2 Sharpened Wood Pencils on your list.

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