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Easy 2 Go 40" Parsons Writing Desk

Easy 2 Go 40" Parsons Writing Desk


Create a classic, minimalist work space for tight home or office spaces with this 39.33-inch Easy2Go Parsons Resort Cherry writing desk.

Set up a laptop and work essentials on this writing desk. The compact, minimalist style offers a convenient workstation solution for small home or office spaces, and the classic design easily complements most room decor. The laminate desktop material of this Easy2Go Parsons writing desk provides durability that withstands the rigors of daily use.

  • Simple yet classic Parsons desk design
  • Comes in resort cherry color and is made of laminate
  • Overall dimensions: 30"H x 39.33"W x 19.69"D
  • Rectangular desk with contemporary-style furnishing

Some of your employees may not need a full desk, but just a simple place to put their laptop, like this parsons computer desk. This option is often a good choice when two or more employees share a small office but each needs his own work space.
Small Footprint Desk Ideal for Laptops
When office space is limited, it can be challenging to provide everyone with his own work station. If your company employees spend most of their day in the field or work from home, they still need a place to work for the times they must be in the office. The parson's computer desk has a footprint of 36 inches wide by 20 inches deep, but it provides enough space for the employee's laptop or tablet and a few reference materials.

SKU: 951560

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